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Who are we

LEZO, ‘Lezocial’, is a new event management group that curates lifestyle activities and entertainment for lesbians. We strive to bridge the gap in the community and garner traction by creating events with different communities. Other than organising parties, we offer a variety of interactive workshops, including art jam, coffee brewing, music jam and wine tasting among others.


An all-encompassing platform for the LGBTQ community, LEZO welcomes all kinds of partnerships with like-minded people.


LEZO, Lezocial. 一個全新、專屬女同志的活動策劃組織。透過舉辦不同類型的活動,凝聚志同道合的女生們,提升及豐富同志圈子的生活!未來除了會舉辦充滿活力的女生派對外,亦會籌辦其他休閒活動,例如:Art Jam、Music Jam、Coffee Class、Wine Tasting、互動工作坊等等,建立一個多元化的平台,打破沈悶,令同志們有更多選擇。


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